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A big thank you to Mrs Ratcliff for coming in to school on Fridays to do Forest School with our younger pupils.  Today was very exciting as they lit the fire pit and toasted marshmallows.  Some of our Year 6 pupils were there to help the younger ones with their toasting!

Y6 Egyptian Visit

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Our Y6 children enjoyed a visit from the The Time Traveller who was invited in to school to support their studies of the Egyptians.  They learned how Egyptians were mummified, played games and looked at lots of Egyptian artefacts.  A great day was had by all.

Golden Time

Creative Curriculum Events

A new round of Golden Time has started today!  There is a wide and varied range of activities to suit every taste!  Origami, running, knitting, fairy making, castles, book making and orienteering are all on offer this half term.

Budding Chefs at Sidbury

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Chef Stevens is keen to get some of our pupils interested in becoming a chef.  On Wednesday he opened his kitchen to some of Class 4 who helped him prepare various foods for lunch.  Seamus helped to make the vegetable lasagne and Swapnil was a dab hand at preparing the broccoli!


Outdoor Activities at Killerton - Y5

Community Creative Curriculum Events Visits & Visitors

On Wednesday our Year 5 children travelled to Killerton House to take part in some team building activities.  They had to build dens for Hoojits (apparently these little people live in the woods!) working as a group and they also took part in some orienteering, following a map to find the boxes where they left a cross to say that they had found it.  Other team building activities included getting people through a hoop without it touching the floor and keeping a tennis ball in sections of guttering without dropping it.  In the grounds they had to look for the giant Redwood and Cork trees and also learnt how plants store water.

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