Home Learning

Having sought stake holders' views and carrying out relevant research regarding homework, as well as research liked to supporting children to retain and retrieve information in their long term memory; our school has opted for bi-weekly homework.  This will continue to allow for families to have two weekends to complete the work set. 

Your child’s will have a homework file which they can store they key documents inside.

What is the focus of the homework?

Reading, Key Maths Facts and Spelling practice will continue to be a focus for the homework set.  In order for parents to be engaged with what their child is learning in school, we will set practice tasks linked to previous learning, current learning or information that we wish your child to revisit.  This will hopefully allow for children in year 2 upwards to complete homework with increasing independence.  Children in Reception and Year 1 will likely require support to access this.

When and where is homework set?

It is set every other Thursday and is due to return to school a week after the following Monday.

Homework files will be sent home with the homework inside (children in Elm Class will also have this sent via Tapestry and learning at home can be shared via Tapestry or by adding notes in the Homework file).

Inside the file we will include information and homework as follows:

Our Current Learning

We will share a brief outline of the current theme/focus for your child’s class this term.  This will hopefully help you to have quality conversations at home or look further into the strands should you wish.  We will also include facts which children need to know and remember.


Please read with your child/ensure that they are reading independently at least 3 times a week.  At home, you should be reading for fluency, the books sent home will be matched to your child’s reading assessments completed in school.

There are also a bank of questions/task ideas for you to ask your child to complete should you wish to extend your child further or to consolidate their understanding of what they have read.  We use the ‘VIPERS’ in school to ask questions linked to the text written; you can also use these questions after watching a film as they are great comprehension question starters.  Using this vocabulary with your child will also reinforce the language used in school.

Please record reading at home in your child’s reading diary or homework log book. 


We hope that having the overview of the key maths skills for instant recall, for each year group, will support you to help your child to learn these key facts at home.  We will highlight the Key Instant Recall Facts to focus on each term and suggest a couple of ways to practise them.

Please complete the two maths tasks set (you may wish to do one per week), these practice tasks will link to prior or current learning.  Please spend an appropriate time on these tasks, we anticipate each task to take about 15 minutes.

Word Work

In school, children in Reception and Year 1 have daily phonics lessons.  From year 2 upwards, children are taught specific spelling strategies.  We will send home tasks linked to this learning in school, or previous learning, so that children can practice and recall prior and current learning.  We will also provide you with the statutory word lists that children should be spelling accurately from years 1-6.  This will help you to know the expectations at each stage of their learning.  We will be learning these spellings in school using a range of techniques and where appropriate will set homework linked to these.