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Miss Charlotte Hill


I have the privilege of introducing you to a very hardworking, nurturing and enthusiastic Team Sidbury! All of the staff here work together to ensure every child thrives. Each and every adult will go the extra mile to boost children’s self-esteem, self-motivation and self-worth; all of these values I believe underpin a child’s ability to succeed.  The children are at the heart of all that we set out to achieve at Sidbury.  We greatly value the support and feedback of parents and friends of the school; with this in mind you can find me on the slope every morning and afternoon if you have a question, concern or success to share.


Mrs Clare Bedford

Special Educational Needs and Disability Lead

 I am the Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Co-ordinator and Deputy Safeguarding Officer and work across two schools in our Academy. I hold the National Award for SEND which I completed in 2013 and am a Specialist Lead Teacher as well as being the Staff Governor. I am passionate about my role working with the children and their families to ensure that they are fully supported and have the best provision in place to be able to thrive in life. I feel very proud of what we can offer at Sidbury in our caring and nurturing environment alongside our passionate and hard-working team. I also work closely alongside a number of outside agencies as well as our Parent Support Adviser. I have a keen interest in supporting children’s Social, Emotional and Mental Health and am a trained Thrive Practitioner as well as fully trained in Boxall.


Miss Emma Mills

Elm Class Teacher (Reception)

I completed my PGCE at Plymouth University and prior to this studied Sports coaching and Sports Education at Gloucester University. I have a real passion for sports and as a result of this I have gained qualifications in sports including Netball, Football and Handball. I have been involved in playing, coaching and umpiring sports since the age of seven.

I love working hard to create exciting opportunities for the youngest children when they join our school; I strive to create a safe, engaging and nurturing environment in order for all children to succeed.  I am overjoyed to be part of Team Sidbury and I am looking forward to the exciting times ahead. 


Mr Glyn Meredith

Willow Class Teacher (Year 1)

I joined Team Sidbury having worked in other school across the Trust.  As a teacher I am passionate about instilling a true love of learning with children that I work with.  By working in Year 1, I have the privilege to work with children who are just starting out on their journey into education and it makes me so proud to see the children blossom throughout the year.  I am very interested in the curriculum and how this is accessed by the children.  I enjoy planning themes that give opportunities for children to use their imaginations and really get absorbed in their learning.  Outside of school I have a wonderful family who I really enjoy spending my time with.


Mrs Clair Murrell (Senior Leader)

Maple Class Teacher (Year 2)

I started my teaching career at Sidbury teaching Reception, this gives me a sound knowledge of the Early Years curriculum and the expectations of Key Stage 1. I love working at Sidbury and I have been here since 2004. We have 7 superb classes and our learning environment is extremely rich inside and out. Learning outdoors is great for children, I seek opportunities to make learning experiences memorable for all and plan in outside learning experiences within Topics. In addition to being passionate about teaching and learning in my own class, I also seek opportunities to enrich the English curriculum across the school as part of my leadership role. We have great links with local theatres, drama specialists and librarians. We have an annual World Book Week as our children love reading, so we always seek to embrace their love of books.

Mrs Louisa Merrick (Senior Leader)

Hazel Class Teacher (Year 3)

I am extremely happy to be part of the team at Sidbury School having recently moved back to Devon from the Midlands.  I love working with children and have taught across key stage one and two and enjoy the challenge of leading a team.  I am fond of all things creative and have a passion for English where I enjoy creating engaging lessons that spark the imagination of the children in my class.  I am excited to be leading Music at Sidbury, I play the piano and one of my favourite things to do is work with children using music and drama as a tool for engaging and developing their skills in other curriculum areas.  As a teacher, I endeavour to enrich, engage and inspire the children in my care to be the best that they can be both academically and personally.   I am happy to be supporting the school as RE leader, with a particular focus on Christian distinctiveness and leading the ethos team.  I am looking forward to all of the exciting experiences that we have planned for the children at Sidbury and watching them grow.   

Mr Max Faulkner 

Beech Class Teacher (Year 4)

I was welcomed into the Sidbury Primary School family as a student teacher in 2019. Following this, I was fortunate enough to be made an official member of the team in September of the same year. I particularly enjoy all aspects of art, including the performing arts and I love supporting pupils in the annual stage production as well as singing events. These events are a brilliant way for children to gain confidence and above all work as a team to create something they can be proud of. I can also be found helping Mrs DP in the garden by regularly supporting the after school gardening club which is a popular asset within our school community and helps to provide Chef some seasonal vegetables for our school dinners. My favourite school events are the Christmas Carol service and May Day, both of which showcase the community spirit of the school and are hugely enjoyed by the children and parents alike.

Mr Andrew Barker

Ash Class Teacher (Year 5)

I began my adventure at Sidbury in 2015 and haven’t looked back.  My strengths lay within maths, science and ICT, my knowledge and skills in these areas are utilised across the school.  I have a degree in Early Childhood Studies and enjoy exploring the outdoors; I have been privileged to be involved in training the Year 6 children with the Exmoor Challenge. I am also a student teacher mentor, supporting teachers who are carrying out their teacher training. I enjoy all of the local traditions, particularly May Day. I also enjoy supporting the children with activities outside the curriculum, such as being the resident DJ at school discos, I can regularly be seen pig racing at the fete and mushing at the annual duck race. My greatest achievement to date was completing the London Marathon in 2019, in a very respectable time, I use this success to inspire children to believe that anything is possible with hard work and determination.

Mr Glen Burnett 

Oak Class Teacher (Year 6)

I have worked in Ventrus school's since 2012.  I thoroughly believe every child should have access to a thriving and active curriculum which will engage them in their learning. My enthusiastic approach and passion for physical education has made me focus on inspiring young people to engage in a more healthy active lifestyle.

I firmly believe that all children’s talents and successes should be nurtured. I will always take time to hear how children are getting on in all aspects of their learning inside and outside of school.  I oversee educational visits and residential trips which our children fully embrace, whether they are attending Wildside Adventures, cultural trips to London or Outdoor and Adventurous Activities in Brixham, I relish the opportunity to attend as it is fabulous to see children in a new light overcoming challenges and learning important life skills. Every child matters and I will always go the extra mile to benefit the children at Sidbury!

Mrs Samantha Andrews (Teacher and Senior Leader)

Currently on Maternity Leave

I’m proud to be part of Sidbury School; I love the small school environment and I enjoy seeing children begin and complete their journey through our school.  As the maths subject leader I am responsible for leading the development of maths across the whole school – good job I love maths! I have worked with colleagues across school's in Ventrus to support curriculum design and implementation, having a broad and balanced curriculum which inspires and pupils to learn and achieve well inside and outside of school is an area we pride ourselves in.  Other parts of school life I enjoy are the opportunities I have to work closely with other professionals across Ventrus, as part of teaching and learning networks and when organising and leading the 16 mile Exmoor Challenge walk.  Outside of school spending time with family and friends is at the top of my list. I’m big on sports (mostly rugby).  I’m naturally competitive, determined and driven so I relish a challenge!

Mrs Jenny Dinham-Price (HLTA and Parent Support Advisor)

I feel very fortunate to have been part of the Sidbury team for a number of years, both as a parent and now as a teaching assistant. I have a genuine interest in the social and emotional well being of children and I work closely with the school's SENDCOo to ensure all of our children have the chance to thrive whilst at school. I enjoy running the popular gardening club alongside the green fingered Mr Faulkner and Mrs Stevens.  

Outside of school I love to walk, cook, and read, and I embrace opportunities to share these interests with children at Sidbury.  I particularly love sharing the glorious countryside walks in and around the village with Key Stage 2 children, in preparation for their Exmoor Challenge.  As a parent of 3 myself, I know that it can be a turbulent job, with many highs and lows along the way, the key to supporting children through their emotional roller coaster as they develop into young adults is to be able to support the whole family, and I am delighted to be able to give time to this through my role as the school's Parent Support Advisor.

Miss Charlotte Lye

Charlotte is currently working at Sidbury covering PPA across the school.

Mrs Jane Powell

Teaching Assistant

I feel very privileged to have been part of the Sidbury Team for a number of years during which time I have seen both my sons educated at Sidbury Primary School. I have worked as a Teaching Assistant in Key Stage 1 during my time here. The caring and nurturing environment provided by all makes the school an exceptional place to work and learn.

I am a very creative person and I enjoy arts and crafts.  During Nativity and Production seasons I can be found making costumes, props and scenery, as well as painting children's faces.

 Miss Chelsea Cross

Teaching Assistant

I have had a connection to Sidbury School from the age of 4, as Sidbury was my primary school as a child. I also returned whilst at college to complete a year of work experience. In 2013, I started working at the school which has really brought me back to my roots. I’m involved with many local committees and like to make links between the village and school where I can make links between the village and school where I can. I am part of the SIDS drama group, so I really love our school Nativity and KS2 Production which takes place at The Manor Pavilion in Sidmouth.

 Mr Alex Fisher

Teaching Assistant

I have experience working with children in many areas: nursery, foundation, KS1 and KS2, all at mixed abilities and some with special educational needs. I believe that every child deserves a good education and school should be an enjoyable place to be. Since starting at Sidbury I could very quickly see that this is a brilliant school to be at, not just for the children but for the staff as well. I have a strong passion for sports and enjoy football (both playing and watching), rugby, basketball, American Football and the gym. Having a teacher as a parent when I was growing up I could see from a young age how important education is to a child’s development and well being.  I have a HND and a BSC (Hons) degree in Information Systems with Information Technology and love to support Mr Barker with ICT across the school.

 Miss Annabelle Brown

Teaching Assistant

I am very privileged to have worked at Sidbury C of E Primary School for over 20 years as a Teaching Assistant with children of all abilities and those with Special Educational Needs. I am fortunate to work alongside a dedicated team and have a good relationship with the children across the school.

I enjoy Arts and Crafts and making props and costumes for the KS1 Nativity and KS2 end of year performance. I also help to run the Breakfast Club and the After School Club throughout the week providing essential wrap around care for working parents.  The children are always so creative after school and thoroughly enjoy trying to win at Uno, Top Trumps and Dobble - all card games which I would highly recommend.

 Miss Luz Vega 

Teaching Assistant

I have worked alongside young children from a very early age because I find their enthusiasm, positivity and their general zest for life and learning, inspirational and refreshing to be around. I am fascinated by the way that they learn, play and communicate. The correlation between their positive minds and their educational progress is of particular interest to me.

I started working at Sidbury C of E Primary School in February 2020 and it only took a few days for me to feel like a part of the Sidbury TEAM. The staff are so much more than working colleagues, they all go the extra mile each and every day. I feel honoured to have been given the opportunity to be a part of this exceptional establishment.

 Mrs Louise Denham

Teaching Assistant & After School Club Leader

After the move to Devon with my family I joined the Sidbury TEAM, firstly as an After School Club leader and then later as a Key Stage 2 Teaching Assistant.  I enjoy being part of the Sidbury family and find it so rewarding to be able to support both the children and their families.

In my spare time I enjoy art and craft and having days out with my family.

 Mrs Jamileh Mathys

Teaching Assistant

I feel genuinely lucky to have become part of the team at Sidbury, a school where it is evident that the welfare and wellbeing of the children and their families is the main priority.  I find my position as a Teaching Assistant extremely rewarding in helping all of the children to achieve their very best, whist ensuring compassion and empathy are not forgotten in the pursuit of excellence.  I love working with all of our children to support a positive learning experience and haven't had a day here without laughing.

When not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and exploring our wonderful world.  Despite not originally being from this side of the world, I'm now pleased to call Devon home and feel lucky to be raising my young family here.

Mrs Kath Giles

Teaching Assistant

Having previously worked as a teaching assistant in Sussex, I feel privileged to be working with the wonderful children at Sidbury. It is a lovely school.  Every child has something they are brilliant at and I love to celebrate their efforts and bring positivity to their lives. I think learning is so important and I am looking to further my knowledge especially around mental health.  Out of work I love a simple life, particularly our beautiful AONB in East Devon and enjoy being outside with my dog and family.

Miss Hannah Bruce-Gormley

Teaching Assistant

I feel extremely grateful to be a part of TEAM Sidbury where children are given the tools to thrive.  I believe enabling a child to learn through building up their self-esteem and resilience is key to their development.  As a Teaching Assistant I feel privileged to be able to inspire and encourage children to reach their full potential, seeing their enthusiasm and excitement to learn is hugely rewarding.

When I'm not working I enjoy dancing, travelling and spending time with my family and friends.  I bring my passion for dance to the children at Sidbury as well!

 Miss Alicia Walker

Teaching Assistant

I feel very lucky to be a part of the Sidbury TEAM where the care and compassion for every child's learning and wellbeing is second to none.  Since joining the school I have been welcomed with open arms and can genuinely see why parents, teachers and students enjoy it here so much.

Working as a Teaching Assistant with children across the school and being able to see their enthusiasm for  school life and learning is inspiring.  It is extremely rewarding and I feel privileged to be a part of supporting their learning experience.

Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my family and friends as well as travelling, exploring new places and learning about the culture and history.

Mrs Vivienne Bornet

Senior Administrator

I have worked at Sidbury now for many years and am now the longest serving member of staff! I started as a Teaching Assistant and worked across both key stages. A number of years ago the post of administrator was advertised and I decided this was an area of school life that would bring new challenges and opportunities. My job is certainly varied and I enjoy meeting people, working with parents and children as well as all of the other aspects that come with the job. I love music and regularly sing with a choir in Topsham as well as playing the clarinet in small ensembles.

 Mrs Kirsty Stevens

Administrator and Teaching Assistant

I have been very privileged to be part of Team Sidbury since joining as an Administrator in 2016. It has also been a great joy to work in classrooms across the school and support children with additional needs through 1:1 learning. My interest in gardening has enabled me to help out in our very popular after school Gardening Club which forms part of the larger caring and nurturing environment at Sidbury. I have volunteered myself to go on residential trips with children, which has given me the chance to see children outside of the classroom conquering challenges and developing key life skills during the year 5 trip to London.  It is great to see children accessing so many enriching extra,-curricular activities whilst at Sidbury.

 Chef Ian Hotchkiss

Sidbury Chef

I trained as a chef in the mid 90’s, since then my passion for good food has grown throughout my catering career. In the summer of 2017, I was given the chance to provide the children of Sidbury school with a hot, nutritional meal on a daily basis. I feel that lunch time is a key part of the school day which should be sociable and relaxing too. Every child is different and I am here to ensure that your child has a pleasant eating experience at school. My door is always open if you would like to discuss any concerns you may have about your child’s dietary needs or preference.  

Mr Ian Chalmers

Site Manager

I joined the team at Sidbury in January 2018, before that I worked in the rail industry for nearly 40 years. Mainly as a guard working on board trains between Exeter, Paddington and Penzance. I have met many notable people like Jenny Agutter, Bill Nighy and Henry Cooper. One of my favourite notables was the former Archbishop of Cape Town, Desmond Tutu. But my proudest moment was working the Royal Train conveying H. M. Queen and H. R. H. Duke of Edinburgh. I enjoy walking and travelling by train.  I am pleased to be in a job now where I can ensure that the school site is safe for all and maintained to a high standard.

Mr Paul Benattar

Premises Support

I work alongside Ian carrying out maintenance and improvement works across the school. I have an eye for detail and always complete jobs to the highest standard. I am skilled in wood craft and have made many items for the school including Key Stage 1 sized picnic benches.  I have two children who attended Sidbury and I have supported the school as a Dad too, helping put up the stage for productions, setting up for the Summer fete and through attending Exmoor Challenge Practice walks.