Parent Support

From time to time families need additional support form school or other agencies.  Mrs Louisa Merrick can be available for informal discussions for example relating to behaviour at home, sleep patterns, toileting concerns, parent separation, grievance within the family and many other issues.  Please email or telephone the school if your would like to meet with Mrs Merrick to talk about any concerns you may have.

Early Help is the extra support your family can get if you need it. It may be that you want to prevent a problem, or change things for your family before the problem becomes more serious.  It is not a specific service or team, it’s an approach that brings together people from a range of services and teams who will work together with your whole family to help improve the situation for everyone.  It can offer support to families from pre-birth to adolescents with all sorts of issues from parenting, employment and school attendance to emotional wellbeing or anti-social behaviour.

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We also have really good links with other agencies locally eg. the Children's Centre.  For information regarding some of these services please click on the links below:

Children's Centre