Visions and Values

Our Vision

We are a forward-thinking school with a passion to prepare our children for a rapidly changing world.  We will actively seek opportunities to equip children with thinking skills, global perspective, and respect for British values.  Developing these skills is the corner stone of the education we offer; through working collaboratively we strive to ensure that every child enjoys self-worth, self-motivation and a high self-esteem. Success and challenge should be part of every child's learning journey in order to ensure that they are prepared for tomorrow.

Our Christian Distinctiveness

We work in close partnership with St Giles’ Church, Sidbury, and celebrate key events within  the Christian calendar both in the church and in school.  Our school’s core Christian values are; respect, honesty, kindness, trust, and forgiveness.   These values form the basis of our daily collective worship and are a focus for reflection times in the classroom.  ‘Love your neighbour,’ to us demonstrates the ethos of our school, where we all work together to ensure that the school is a happy and safe place to be and learn.